Membership Fees 2017/18

$140... 1st swimmer
$140... 2nd swimmer
$120... 3rd swimmer
$120... 4th subsequent swimmers  
(If your swimmer and any additional swimmers are 7 & under or 8yrs, please note the lesser amount below is payable.)

$ 110.. 8 year old swimmers
$ 70.... 7 years of age and under swimmers (Junior Dolphin Program)

Junior Dolphin Program 7 years and Under
All Association FEES (Brisbane Swimming, Swimming Queensland and Swimming Australia) are being absorbed by the relevant bodies.
The above program, being run and supported by Swimming Australia and Swimming Queensland
If your swimmer is 7 years or under on the 1st July, 2017 they are eligibile for this program- stipulated by Swimming Australia.

Please note: Minimum swimming ability is an unassisted 12.5m kick on a board.
**Your swimmer will receive a Western Aquatics Team shirt, a lovely Chrissie gift, not too mention plenty of fun throughout the season and every swimmer is rewarded for their participation at the end of the season with a trophy!

Western Aquatics-MembershipForm-2018-2019.pdf
**Ensure the completed form makes it way to our Club Registrar, Nicole: [email protected]**

NEW!!! - Referral Membership Bonus System 
We are moving forward with an exciting new initiative to reward our members for sharing the LOVE!!!

A referral bonus for any member who introduces a new financial member to Western Aquatics!

The reward will be $25 worth of BBQ/Canteen vouchers for each financial member introduced  eg.. 
If the DOE family introduces the COLLINS family who have 2 children, when they join Western Aquatics and pay their membership fee, the DOE family receive a voucher for $50 to spend at the BBQ/Canteen. 

This is open to even our NEW members!
This is a wonderful way to reward word of mouth which is our greatest advertiser.
If you have any questions about this please ask one of the Exec Committee who are only too happy to help.