About Us

Western Aquatics Club Nights are primarily about creating an environment where every child has an opportunity to build their confidence through doing their best. It is great that the children are having fun  whilst  being  involved  in  an  activity  that  promotes  health  and  wellbeing,  whilst  parents  get  an opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves. Creating a positive team atmosphere amongst the children and the parents is  also  important.  Like  most  clubs,  Western  Aquatics  is  run  on  a  volunteer  basis, therefore we encourage all members to get in and lend a helping hand. This will not only ensure the successful  and  efficient  operation  of  Friday  Club  nights,  it  will  also  help  in  developing  unity  and  a positive atmosphere.

The vision of Western Aquatics Inc is to be the Ipswich regions’ premier swimming club; by priding it’s self on instilling a lifelong love of swimming.

The outcomes we seek from the activities in which Western Aquatics facilitate include:
  • Further develop the involvement of the local community in club swimming
  • Create an atmosphere of team spirit, unity and support and contribute to a positive attitude
  • Encourage  our  members  to  continue  their  participation  in  physical  activity  and  realize the immense benefits
Western Aquatics is fortunate enough to be operating from great facilities, have great coaching staff and very supportive families.  Let’s  have  a season  filled  with  plenty  of  fun  and  laughter;  we  look forward to celebrating all of the children’s successes throughout the season.